We combine our expertise in adult learning theory and instructional design and partner with subject matter experts to develop our trainings.

We believe that one size doesn’t fit all when it comes to professional development. For that reason, our development journey includes thinking about the target audience and the complexity of the issue the training is trying to address – in order to determine the best design modality.

Pair of hiking boots with text reading who is the audience?
Flashlight with text reading what information or skills do they need?
Compass with text reading how will they best learn the information or skills?

We offer a wide variety of training types including one-time and multi-week learning opportunities, as well as a combination of live events held in-person or online, and self-paced online training.

Graphic outlining different types of trainings

View our full, searchable directory of available trainings here. **The majority of these trainings are available for free, thanks to grant funding!

Visit this page to find out more about working with us on developing a training that meets your needs.