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Publications by RM-PHTC staff

Increasing the Capacity of Youth-Serving Professionals: Evaluation of the Online Social Justice Approach to Youth Engagement Course – Heather Kennedy, MPH, PhD, Jill Elnicki, MPH, Dayna Torrieri, and Elaine Scallan Walter, MA, PhD

Public Health Learning Agenda for Systems Change Toolkit: National Pilot Evaluation Results – Welter, Christina DrPH, MPH; Davis, Sarah MNM; Elnicki, Jill MPH; Kulik, Phoebe K. G. MPH, CHES; Lloyd, Laura M. MPH, MCHES; Tenney, Martha MPH; Todd Barrett, Karla MBA, MSM; Rose, Barbara MPH; Walter, Cassidy MPH

Strengthening the Health Workforce – ECHO Participation Facilitators and Barriers
– Suzuho Shimasaki, DrPH, MPH, Erin Bishop, MPH, Michelle Guthrie, MPH, and John F (Fred) Thomas, PhD

Supporting Peer Learning Networks for Case-Based Learning in Public Health:
Experience of the Rocky Mountain Public Health Training Center With the ECHO Training Model
– Elaine Scallan, PhD, Sarah Davis, MNM, Fred Thomas, PhD, Christine Cook, MA, Kory Thomas, MPH, Patricia Valverde, PhD, Michael
Kazanjian, PhD, and Tim Byers, MD, MPH

Training Public Health Professionals on Adaptive Challenges—An Innovative Approach Using Remote Learning Modalities – Scallan Walter, Elaine J. PhD; Mousavi, Christine T. MA; Elnicki, Jill MPH; Davis, Sarah MNM