The exchange of ideas, establishment of trust, and a commitment to open communication.

We work as a unified team. We value the skills and talents of each team member. We earn trust and respect by following through on individual and team commitments. We communicate to ensure we are in agreement and clear on next steps. We motivate each other through constructive feedback.

We work jointly with partners to exchange ideas, strategize, advise our work, connect with the public health workforce, and provide content expertise.


The dedication to inclusive content, practices, environment, and opportunities.

We believe addressing inequity is essential to improving public health. Therefore, we make every effort to ensure our trainings address issues such as power and privilege, bias, social determinants of health, and cultural humility. 

We commit to questioning ourselves and each other, in the pursuit of greater awareness, understanding, and more equitable practices. We strive for individuals to feel valued and respected. We take responsibility and work to restore relationships if we cause harm.

We challenge ourselves to recognize and avoid bias – conscious or unconscious – in our interactions with each other, partners, and learners; our recruitment, hiring, and professional growth opportunities for staff; and our selection and contracting with subject matter experts.


The pursuit of the highest quality and continuous improvement in our work with learners, partners, content experts, and within our team. 

We work to meet or exceed the expectations of funders, learners, partners, and colleagues.

We manage and maintain numerous projects while consistently and reliably creating high quality products.

We are open to and seek out feedback and input. We are continuously looking for ways to improve.

We achieve excellence when partners and content experts desire (seek out) to work with us, learners are driven to take our trainings, funders willingly support us, and talented people apply to work here.


The thoughtful design of learning opportunities, effective engagement of participants, and achievement of learning outcomes. 

We bring value through our expertise in adult learning theory, distance training, facilitation, connecting professionals through technology, evaluation, and project management. Our learning opportunities are thoughtfully constructed, reach the intended audience, meet learning objectives, achieve or exceed the expectations of partners and funders, and are evaluated for continuous improvement.

We could not do our work without – and therefore deeply value – the expertise of partners and learners which comes in the form of:

  • Expert knowledge in skill and content areas
  • An understanding of and connection to the learner audience
  • A deep connection to and understanding of the communities where they work
  • Lived experience

We are committed to constantly deepening our own expertise and applying our learnings to achieve our goal of a skilled and knowledgeable public health workforce. 


The effective use of knowledge and skills to improve health.

We exist to provide professionals with knowledge and skills that they can directly apply to the work they do, making it more effective, and thus positively impacting health outcomes.

We strive to make an impact on the professionals themselves. We achieve impact when professionals feel better prepared, are more connected, and less isolated in the important work they do.


The exploration and implementation of new practices and solutions. 

We are creative, curious, experimental, risk-taking, boundary-pushing, and open to new ways of facing challenges and solving problems.

We are learners. Our professional development enables us to continue to grow, for the good of the work and the professionals we serve.